Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We are almost to the end of our stay.  Tomorrow will be our last visit with the boys.  I wish we could bring them home, with us, but the sooner we go, the quicker we can bring them home, for good.  It is amazing how you could love someone, so much...we have only known them for a few days.  Now, when we think of our boys, we can see their sweet faces and know who/where they are.  

Tomorrow will be busy...we are headed to the notary to sign some papers and then we are off to the orphanage.  We will, then, come back to the apartment and pack.  Friday morning, we will get up early and start our journey home.  It hasn't been an easy trip, but the Lord has been faithful.

This will probably be our last blog, for this, farewell and a blessed Thanksgiving, in the States!  We miss you, all, but look forward to being in good ol' North Carolina, soon!!!  :)  I can't wait until we can show Thad and Luke, "There is no place like home..."  

Taylor and Family

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