Monday, November 19, 2012


It's Tuesday!  

Yesterday, we left the apartment at 1:15pm and drove to the Orphanage Council's office.  Our meeting went very well!  The Lord gave us favor and we got permission to visit the orphanage.  We traveled one hour, outside the city, to a small town, which is where the orphanage is located.  Momma and Daddy met with the head director/doctor.  Afterwards, we went to a room where there were many toys (the children do not get to play with these, on a regular basis) and then, several people came in with our boys!  It is impossible to explain that moment.  After waiting so long, you finally see the ones you have been waiting, praying, and hoping for!  To say it is surreal and overwhelming, is an understatement.  :) Thad walked over to us and said, in Russian,  "Hi, my name is _____ (His Russian name...)."  

Thad:  He is so sweet.  He has such a good personality and is very calm.  He is fine just sitting in the floor, playing with his toys.  He talks, some, to us in Russian and corrects us if we do not pronounce a word correctly.  :)  He loves to see pictures of himself and smiles, a lot.  He will let you hold him and doesn't mind to give hugs.  His hair is very blond and he is so cute.

Luke:  He is precious.  He was afraid of us and cried, most of the time.  We were prepared for this, though.  He is so young...he doesn't understand who we are or why we are here.  The children are not used to seeing men or new people, so, understandably, it is hard for the younger ones.  He has darker hair (blondish-brown).  He is very attached to his nanny and will stop crying when he sees her.  Please pray that he will not be afraid and the Lord will give his little heart peace.

After our two hour visit, the director asked what we thought...we answered that we just love them!!!  We are so happy with the boys the Lord has chosen for us!  They are so adorable and we can't wait to bring them home!  It is going to be a very long journey...but every day is one step closer.  

We are so thankful for you!  It is not easy, but we can feel your prayers and that helps us get through, each day.

We are planning to see the boys, again, today.

Until next from Russia!

Taylor and Family

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