Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Location of Our Sons

(Dark Red: Krasnoyarsk Region)

      Adoption is a wonderful thing, but it is amazing how often we walk in the unknown as we wait on the pieces of the puzzle to be put together.  One of the uncertainties is the location of our sons (Taylor's/Leah's brothers).  We know that they are in Russia, however, we had to wait for our dossier (official paperwork) to be submitted before we could find out the region in which we would be registered.  Yesterday, we were able to determine that our dossier has been registered in the Krasnoyarsk Region (Kras, for short).  We have been registered since April, so that means that we are three months along in the process of waiting on the referral!  How long until the referral?  Well, only the Lord really knows.  However, since we are registered in Kras, we can feel confident that this is where the boys are located.  We know that the Lord sees them and one day, we will, as well.  At least Russia doesn't seem so large and encompassing, now.  When we look at the map, we can narrow it down to a region and since we have requested children of Asian descent, we can even believe that the boys may be in the southern part of Kras, near the borders of China and Mongolia.  So, we will continue to trust in the Lord's timing and have patience as we wait on His appointed time to go and get these children. 

     Every little bit of information is welcomed and we anticipate the day we will get the referral that lets us know that our boys have been "found."  We are reminded that they are not "lost" from God and that His eyes are always on them, as they are us.  You see, the puzzle may look like there are pieces missing, but God holds all the pieces and knows the end results.  

     Please continue to pray for our family and these precious little boys in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.