Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well...we made it!  After a long trip, we arrived in a snowy, icy KRAS (Krasnoyarsk).  It was so dark when we landed, this morning...the sun doesn't come up until 9:00 or so (their time) and sets early evening.  (But, it was so nice to have some light, this morning-afternoon).  After we arrived, we went to our apartment (approx. one hour away).  It was Sunday morning, when we got here, so there wasn't anyone in the streets.  Once the sun came up, everyone started stirring.  Our apartment is very nice...a pleasant surprise!  It is safe (have to go through three keyed doors to get in).  There are a few restaurants, nearby, that our facilitator said we could eat.  We had a nice slice of pizza at California pizza for lunch (two blocks away).  Boy is the culture different!  :)  Russians are...well...Russian.  We will have lots of stories, by the time we get home!!!!  :)  We just got up from resting.  Momma and Daddy have an important meeting, tomorrow (at 1:15, their time).  They will go before the orphanage Council and be questioned.  (I.e. why adopting, why Russia....)  Afterwards, the plan is to go to...see the boys!!!  As of now, our facilitator said we could go, too.  (It was our understanding that Leah and I couldn't see them, until Tuesday.)  Things are subject to change.  The orphanage is one hour away.

Please pray for physical and spiritual protection...we could really feel the warfare, when we got here.  Too, please pray for favor, tomorrow, with the Council and orphanage workers.

We are almost a day ahead.  (Example: if it is 8:00am, North Carolina is 9:00pm, here.)  The Wi-Fi is great!!!  We have had trouble connecting, in the airports, so this is a blessing.  We are thankful to be, here!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers...

Much love,
Taylor and Family

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