Saturday, November 24, 2012


Home...that word encompasses so many wonderful things!  Dorothy was right when she said, "There is no place like home."  I almost wish we had her ruby red slippers, so we could just click our heels and be home.  :)  Our flights, back to the States, seemed to go better...I am sure the excitement of coming home, had nothing to do with it!  We left KRAS at 6:00am, Friday morning (KRAS time), and arrived in Charlotte at 8:27pm, Friday night...with the time change, our trip from KRAS to home was about thirty hours (layovers, car-time, etc.).  It was strange, because there was never a "night," on our way back...there was a thirteen hour time difference, hence it was always daylight.  I couldn't help but just smile when we landed in New York...we were home, nation-wise!  When we got to Charlotte, the airport never seemed so inviting...we were home, state-wise!  Then, the joy of driving up the driveway...HOME, HOME, HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was a hard is impossible to explain or to just had to have been there.  But, our God is greater!  We have two more trips...that is an overwhelming thought, right now.  We will just take it one day at a time and trust the Lord.  He will give us what we need.  

There is no possible way we can thank you...for your prayers, your sweet encouragement, and your support.  Your prayers and the grace of our Lord sustained us.  We could not have done it without them.  "Thank you," does not seem adequate, but it must do.  So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We are so grateful!

Much love,
Taylor and Family (Craig, Kim, Leah, Thad, and Luke)

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