Thursday, March 22, 2012

Documents for Russia

What a stack of papers!  This week, we were able to send our apostilled documents (with a special "stamp" from Raleigh) and copies to our adoption agency's family coordinator.  She will, in turn, send them on to Russia where they will be translated in the Russian language.  The documents are re-do's on papers that have expired (this occurs around a year from the date on the documents) and also papers for our adoption court hearing, in Russia.  I will say, acquiring all of these documents has been a daunting task!  However, the Lord, indeed, equips us to do what our mind simply tells us we cannot.  What would we do without a loving heavenly Father who cares about us and has the power to make things happen?  We know how dependent we are on Him.  The Bible tells us that without Him, we can do nothing...adoption will prove that over and over, again...not that everyday circumstances are not, already, constant reminders!

We learned at the first of the year, that Russia will now be requiring three trips before we can bring the children home.  Previously, we would only have traveled twice.  Over the past year, Russia has implemented many more requirements and restrictions.

We will continue to wait for a referral.  Now that Russia will have all of the updated documents, everything should be in place and ready.  Patience would be the word of the day!  Thanks so much for the continued prayers.

Kim and Family

Monday, March 5, 2012

Apostilling...This Week

We have almost completed our part of the pile of updates and re-dos!  Praise the Lord!!!  We are waiting for some official documents to be filled out and mailed to us.  Once we get these papers, we will send them, with the rest of our updates, to Raleigh to be apostilled.  Please pray that these documents will go through the apostilling process without any delays or mistakes that need to be corrected.  The quicker we get all of these documents to our family coordinator, the quicker they will go to Russia!  We are hoping to get everything sent off to Raleigh by the end of this week or the first of next week...depending on when we receive the other documents.  Each completed phase is one step closer to getting our referral.  We are trusting His timing!  

Thanks for your prayers!!!  They are appreciated!

Much love,
Taylor and the Church Family